Beneath the House

This is going to be a short recap, everyone was really tired this last Thursday and we were all rolling pretty poorly. It took several tries and my giving a couple of people advantage to get the hidden door in the corner where Gaarz had been cowering to get discovered and opened. 🙂

The door was discovered and blackness with a strong smell of salt water was discovered and the group decided to continue exploring in this direction rather than tackling whatever is behind the “Danger” sign on the door at the other end of the room at this time.

The first, dark cavern they discovered: “This uneven, naturally formed cavern is about twenty feet in diameter.” Once Livvy got to the middle of the room green slime dropped on her from above and started doing acid damage. Zard the bard ran to her defense, mocked it viciously, only to find out it had no hit points of its own. They were able to get it scraped off to stop the damage being done.

With a little looking around they found the next, dark cavern to also be rather empty with more slime on its ceiling. “This roughly circular, naturally formed cavern is about twenty-five feet in diameter.”

Taking another route they discover a brightly lit chamber and are promptly attacked when they try to enter the room. “This cavern, like the passage leading to it, is well lit by torches held in simple iron brackets around the walls. You can see five small bolts of cloth stacked against the wall to your left, and to your right are eight small casks in a neat row.”

Picture of a hobgoblin

A battle is fought with the scout, bandit, hobgoblin, and the gang leader “Sanbalet”. When searching the bodies they find a pipe of remembrance and the hobgoblin’s mariner’s armor. Each of the 5 silk bolts are worth 50 gp, and each cask of brandy 10 gp.

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