Curse of Strahd

Beware Pumpkins

The adventurers have decided to move on from town to check out what’s been happening at the Wizards of Wines winery. Ireena, spooked by the creepy dolls that look like her and that they are being commissioned by the Baron’s henchman Izek, has decided to travel with the party rather than stay behind.

On the road they notice a woman hiding in the bushes with 2 companions. Scarecrows have kidnapped her child and she needs their help.

Tracking through the trees they come to a clearing with a pumpkin patch, scarecrows, and a burlap sack that appears to contain a child inside in the center of it all.

Battle ensues and the poisonous pumpkins with their clouds of spores prove to be a large problem for the group. At one point one of the scarecrows tries to leave with the child but is killed before it can get far.

As the battle concludes a scream is heard from Ireena who is being dragged off by Izek. He’s quite insane with his desire to possess her and is quickly killed off by the group.

The child and Ireena are both safe, and the characters continue on their way to the winery. Along the way they decide to side track toward the lake to rest for a bit:

At the foot of a mountain, nestled in the misty forest, is a large lake. The water is perfectly still and dark, reflecting the black clouds overhead like a monstrous mirror.

Pulled up along the south shore are three small rowboats. A fourth boat can be seen in the middle of the lake, with a lone figure sitting in it, fishing pole in hand.

Doing a flyby, Mal determines there is a sack in the boat that is moving as if a child or halfling may be trapped inside. The group is able to quickly overtake the man and discover a young Vistani child inside the burlap sack. Her name is Arabelle and belongs to the camp outside of Vallaki. The drunkard in the boat seems to be in a trance and neither aid or thwart the group as they collect the child from him.

They tie Bluto up and march him and the girl back to the camp outside of a Vallaki.

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