Danger at Dunwater Conclusion

Once presented to the queen the adventurers express their willingness to help and ask whether she would be interested in an alliance with the people of Saltmarsh. While she doesn’t dismiss the idea immediately, she says she will consider it if they will help her with a problem.

Thousand Teeth

Croc Hunt Summary:

  • When the lizardfolk returned to this long-abandoned lair, they soon discovered that a giant crocodile prowled in the marsh nearby.
  • Crocodiles are sacred to this tribe and they regarded its presence as a good omen. The lizardfolk have much experience with crocodiles and thus perceived it as not dangerous.
  • Their complacency was shattered when the giant crocodile attacked and devoured three members of a lizardfolk patrol that had paused near its lair.
  • The difficulty facing the lizardfolk is that they cannot attack the crocodile, for its kind are sacred to them.
  • Since the first attack, matters have grown worse. The giant crocodile has attacked lizardfolk engaged in routine patrols of the marsh, killing and eating many.
  • Because the crocodile’s lair lies close to a possible route of approach of a sahuagin attack, the lizardfolk dare not leave the area unpatrolled.
  • There would be no violation of sacred taboo if the adventurers were to kill the giant crocodile on the queen’s behalf. In fact, the queen demands the head of Thousand Teeth be brought to her so that she might add it to her collection.

The group agrees to go on the adventure and are given a potion of superior healing from the queen (a vile-tasting flask of swamp water mashed with various roots).

It’s an 8 hour journey to the croc’s lair and along the way they end up fighting a troll and helping an injured treant beset by 6 swarms of rats.

They come upon a polluted pool and are attacked by a giant constrictor snake, the commotion drawing the attention of Thousand Teeth who moves in and joins the battle.

On their way back, dragging the 400 lb head of the giant croc, they fight 3 swarms of wasps and 6 giant frogs.

They present the head to the queen who is very pleased to have this problem finally taken care of and she agrees to an alliance. She sends Garurt and Vyth, both scaleshield officers, to accompany the team back to Saltmarsh to meet with the town council.

Once back in town they send a runner to gather the council and successfully negotiate the alliance as well as new/better weapons for the lizardfolk to use in their fight against the Sahaugin. The officers let the group know that as soon as their scouts return they will be in touch.

The town council is very impressed with the way this has all been handled gives them the 700 gp as promised as well as grants the following:

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