Danger at Dunwater

Aside from Bard, our adventurers awake in their beds at the Acq Inc franchise house in Saltmarsh. They feel rested, but disturbed; snatches of weird images and impressions filling their minds.

When they go downstairs they find Bard having a meltdown of some kind. He’s slathered in goo (is that ketchup?!) babbling about some wizard that appeared and stole everyone away in the night and how he was forced to do some crazy antics to get everyone back. As they discuss things they realize they did seem to share the same dream, but they can’t remember leaving or coming back.

In preparation for their mission to observe and discover the purpose of the nearby lizardfolk colony they take inventory and discover there are several new items and money in their bag of holding, along with a bunch of sand. One of the items is a strange looking box with what appears to be a button on top.

Bard takes the box out to the street and uses Magic Hand to push the button. A blue form appears and exclaims, “Oooo weee, this world is not for me!” and disintegrates. Bard tries the button again and nothing happens.

Bard takes a nap and the crew gets ready for their trip to the colony. It’s approximately 10 miles down the coast – 3 hours by ship or 12 by land. They decide to leave at dusk and go by water. They are provided with a small boat manned and operated by the same 2 guards that took them out to board the Sea Ghost.

They soon spot a cove that looks like it may be where the colony has set themselves up. They take a small rowboat to pass undetected to the opening of the cavern. Once they’ve entered the cavern and begin to approach a dock, Gaarz notices movement going towards the dock as well as more movement going farther down the cavern in the water. Torches in sconces line the pathway by the dock and as they step out onto the dock Bard looks a ways down the path but can’t really see anything of note. Within moments they are approached by a very hostile looking set of guards asking what they are doing there.

With a strong bluff check, and being a lizardfolk himself, Gaarz convinces the group they are an advance party scouting the situation before the weapon delivery. Still a little suspicious since the party contains an ocean elf, Oceanus, the guard in charge of the area says he will take them to meet their magistrate/minister as several more guards show up as reinforcements.

They are taken to the minister Sauriv who is reading a scroll when they enter:

Their conversation with the minister reveals he is the one who negotiated the weapons delivery deal and the weapons are to help in their fight against the Sahuagin, monsters of a lawful evil nature:

The minister would like the group to meet with the queen, but she is not available at this time so he sends them on a tour of the colony with the head guard:

The first room they visit is the drill hall where Queen Othokent is observing their practice time with subchief Irhtos. The head guard bows and introduces the group to the queen who politely invites them to continue on their tour and offers her hospitality as long as the adventurers act in kind.

The tour continues and they see lots of barracks, shamans, nursery/hatchery, temple, kitchen, banquet hall, etc. The group learns that the lizardfolk had to move to this previously existing colony location after being displaced in a raid by the sahuagin at their former colony location. Everyone grabs a snack from the kitchen and they spend the night. Tomorrow they will meet with the queen.

The adventurers are now level 4.

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