Haunted House Conclusion

Our adventurers continued through area 28 on to 29 and 30.

“The incline of the passage is perceptively greater in this area. Coarse matting has been laid in places on the floor, negating some of the slope’s slipperiness.”

As Livvy turned the corner towards 29, two hobgoblin guards attack. The crew wipes them out and continue on.

29 – The passage widens to the south at this point to form a small cavern. There are three bolts of cloth and five small casks in the middle of the floor, resting on a piece of coarse matting.

30 – The passage leads into a cave that opens directly to the sea. The tide is out at present, and there is little water in the cave, but there is an obvious high-water mark three feet above the floor. Pulled up onto the sloping cave floor is a small boat, perhaps large enough for eight people with oars, a step-down mast, and a neatly furled sail. A rope tied to the bow is being held down by a large boulder that serves as an anchor.

Close inspection of the jolly boat makes the group think it could be sold for 100 gp.

Return back the way they came, Zard uses magic hand to remove the bar from the door and they open it.

“Light spilling in from the large room behind you barely shows that the chamber is only about twelve feet across and the corners are filled with shadow. What little you can see is dingy and dirty.”

They toss in a light and can see what looks like piles of bones, but nothing happens until Kosh in bear form enters and the bones animate into six old skeletons and attack.

After a round of attacks: “A hunched corpse wearing a pointed hat and dressed in a robe embroidered with mystic symbols crosses through a hidden door in the room. Thin wisps of beard float from its bony jaw. It raises a finger, tracing arcane symbols in the air. In a hoarse voice, it speaks: “Secrets found and lost then found again. Your paltry minds cannot fathom…”

This new foe starts lobbing acid into the doorway to attack the adventurers. After a long battle they are able to search the remains and find that the alchemist carried an empty bag of holding and a flat, gray-and-black river stone inscribed with an unknown arcane symbol that feels cool to the touch. One rib bone on each of the skeletons is dipped in gold and is worth 5 gp.

Searching the back of the room they find and open the hidden door: “The secret door open toward you to reveal a clutter of broken glass and earthenware piled on the floor beyond. Three small copper pots lie amid the debris.”

“A bench runs down the west wall of what seems to be a laboratory. On the bench are jars of powders and liquids and several pieces of chemical apparatus.
There is a table against the south wall, forming an L-shape with the bench. A book is open on the table.
Also on the table is a candlestick, with a tiny stump of unlit candle still in it, and a variety of other items that, even in the dim light, shine with the warmth of pure gold. One of those objects looks like a human skull.”

The book is “Ye Secret of Ye Philosopher’s Stone”, no author acknowledged. It’s worth 50 gp to the right buyer. Though it is written in Common, the book is too profound and recondite a work to be fully understood by anyone other than the appropriate specialist, but a character might be able to deduce the general subject matter.

The objects on the table are pure gold: human skull (20gp), apple (5gp), rose (5 gp), set of five small discs (balance weights – 5 gp each), 47 gp in coins.

Closer examination of the table reveals a concealed drawer that contains the spellbook the alchemist used when alive. The book contains “Dancing Lights”, “Comprehend Languages”, “Tenser’s Floating Disk”, and “Shatter”. The chemical apparatus on the bench is worth 20 gp.

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