Haunted House

16) Alchemist’s Bedroom – Damp mold covers portions of the walls and ceiling in this large bedroom, and rubbish is strewn liberally around the floor. In the center is a single mattress that has been badly torn, from which stuffing protrudes. Under the window sits a large wooden chest, the timbers split and its lid closed.

The chest is not locked and opens easily. Inside a pile of moldy, ragged clothing in styles that were never in fashion – nothing of value – and a bundle of documents. These pages are rotted and stained, their meaning lost long ago.

11) Moldering Bedroom – What was once a fine master bedroom now stands decayed. Some of the floorboards are missing, and there is rubbish scattered around. A tall wooden wardrobe stands against the wall opposite the fireplace, its door closed.

The wardrobe contains a pair of old, cracked leather boots with no value of special properties and a ragged, stained cloak hanging on a peg. The cloak is tooled with a design of coiling ivy leaves. Upon closer inspection of the cloak 2 of the adventurers are exposed to yellow mold spores. Neither fall victim to the poison.

12) Decrepit Bedroom – Rubbish is scattered around what was once a fine guest bedroom; there is evidence of rodent infestation, webs hang in the corners. A four-poster bed stands against the wall opposite the fireplace. Its woodwork is worm-ridden, and the curtains that once screened the bed are torn and stained. There is no bed linen, but the bed is mostly intact.

There is nothing of particular note here.

13) Guest Bedroom – This bedroom has no furniture, but rubbish is scattered everywhere, and webs cover the walls and ceiling. From the doorway, you can see a glint of light in the fireplace from a small, highly reflective object.

Two swarms of spiders infest this room and descend upon anyone who approaches the fireplace, washing down the walls with the muffled clatter of thousands of tiny legs.

The glint inside the fireplace is a small crystal bauble worth 5 sp that once belonged to an alchemist. The group realizes with an investigation check that is might be part of a set of crystals used as counterweights in alchemical work.

14) Crumbling bedroom – This room appears to be another dirty, decaying bedroom without furniture. Even viewed from the doorway, it’s evident that the floor in here does not look safe; some of the floorboards are missing, and others are partially dislodged.

An investigation check detects recent tracks lead from the door to the window, and back again, along the west edge of the room. Investigating the window reveals fresh scratches on the sill and scuffing of the floor dust immediately near the window. This window has probably the best view of the sea from inside the house.

15) Ned’s Bedroom – This room is locked. A successful perception checks finds the key out in the hall.

In the southeast corner of this decayed bedroom lies a man; he is alive, though bound and gagged. He is clad only in undergarments and appears to have no weapons or equipment.

A couple of people make their way into the room, avoiding the rotting floor and free the man. He thanks them and says his name is Ned, a traveler from Seaton. He came into the house looking for a place to spend the night but was attacked when he entered the kitchen and woke up in this room, tied up and gagged. The group can see the bump on the back of his head. Ned is a new adventurer looking for work and asks if he can join the group.

The group continues downstairs to the wine cellar.

20) Wine Cellar – Shoulder-height wooden bottle racks line the north and west walls here. There appear to be no intact bottles left in the racks and shattered bottles cover the floor. Against the east wall, at the foot of the stairs, rest two large metal storage bins that appear to be empty. In the center of the room lies a human corpse clad in plate mail; a longsword lies by the corpse’s right side, and a large shield covers its legs.

A bottle is spotted with a label bearing the image of a jauntily dressed unicorn. An investigation check reveals this is a rare vintage, worth 50 gp.

Searching the corpse unleashes the swarm of rot grubs infesting the body. After fighting them off a secret door is found triggering hideous screams – as of a soul in torment. Gaarz fails his wisdom saving throw and is now afraid of the secret door leading to the next room.

21) Cellar – This torchlit chamber was once a large cellar, but it has since been converted into living quarters. Ten crude beds stand along the south wall, each with a window locker at its foot.
A long wooden trestle table ringed by rickety stools dominates the center of the room. Metal cutlery, cups, and dirty plates sit atop the table.
A cookstove is installed near the table, and evidence of a recently cooked meal sits in pots atop it. A large ham hangs from a loop of twine near the stove.
A sturdy set of stairs leads to a trapdoor in the ceiling above. There are two wooden doors in the east side of the room.

Upon entering the center of the room the group is attacked by 2 bandits and a scout. There’s nothing on them of value, but the 10 wooden footlockers are locked and each contain a coin purse holding 7 gp and 15 sp.

The door to your left appears normal, but the one ahead has a wooden bar across it, held in brackets on the frame and the door itself. The word “DANGER” is scrawled on that door in the Common tongue using chalk.

22) Private Quarters – Unlike the barracks, this small room holds comfortable furnishings and appears to be well cared for. A comfortable looking bed in the northwest corner has a wooden locker at its foot.
A small wooden table stands against the east wall, with a padded leather chair beside it. On the table, a brass three-branch candlestick with three burning candles provides the room with bright light. The candles, though not fresh, are far from spent.
Under the table is a small wooden box and an unlit bullseye lantern with a movable shutter over the lens.
On a shelf above the table sit three books. In the northeast corner is a closed wooden wardrobe.

The books are:

  • A volume of erotic poetry, fully illustrated
  • A naval almanac listing tide times for the area of coast around Saltmarsh (a total of one hundred miles of coastline is covered)
  • A treatise concerning the demigod Iuz and its minions.

Inside the third book is a sheet of parchment featuring a few simple words and phrases in the Common tongue and their equivalents in some other language no one in the group recognizes. The words include “stop”, “fight”, “lift”, “come”, and so forth.

  • The three books are worth 10 gp each.
  • The lantern seems to be used infrequently.
  • In the wardrobe hangs a fancy floor-length oilskin coat (5gp). Its sleeves contain numerous pockets (empty), and it is trimmed in iridescent green silk.
  • A hidden compartment under the table is discovered that contains a spellbook.
  • The small wooden box holds twelve candles, flint and steel, a and a piece of parchment with what kind of looks like Morse codes.

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