Isle of the Abbey II

The island has little wildlife but is covered in grass, small flowering plants, and a few gnarled, stunted trees and shrubs. What few animals there are on the island were imported by the clerics, either deliberately or accidentally, when they arrived and built the abbey.

“All that remains of the abbey is a great square of stones filled with burned and blackened rubble. As you approach the sooty stones, it is obvious someone has been sorting through the debris. Assorted oddments are piled inside the scorched square of the foundation stones. Ruined cooking utensils, crushed pots and pans, mangled kettles, and less identifiable metal objects lie in one pile. Broken crockery, platters, plates, porcelain, and pottery are heaped in another.”

“A great deal of wood has been sorted into one large mound of badly burned scraps. In the center of the ruins is an opening, and as you move nearer, you see a stone staircase leading down into darkness.”

After finally breaking down the door, they discover:

This combination dining hall and gambling den reeks of greasy, soured food. The main feature of the room is a makeshift table made of burned planks supported at either end by upended barrels. Beneath the table are several small kegs that serve as chairs. Scraps of food are strewn across the table and on the floor nearby.

Three weary-looking humans look up, startled, as you appear.

A fight ensues with the acolytes, priests, cultists, a gladiator, and a bard elf. During the fight the bard elf vanishes.

The area is eventually cleared out and Afton discovers a secret passage…

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