Loot Archive

Saltmarsh Campaign

15 coppers

Primeval Crumbling Longsword
30 coppers
2 small pouches of alchemical powders (5gp each)
Glass vial containing two doses of potion of healing
The Magical Properties of Gemstones by the archmage Tenser (7gp)
The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers by the archmage Tenser (7gp)
The Metaphysics of Mathematics by the mage Nystul (7gp)
2 cut pieces of blue quartz (10 gp each)
2 pieces of jade worth 10 gp each

Small crystal bauble worth 5 silver pieces
Plate mail
Large shield
Rare vintage wine, 50 gp
70 gp
150 sp
3 books worth 10 gp each
Fancy floor-length oilskin coat (5 gp)

Pipe of remembrance
Mariner’s armor
5 bolts of silk (50 gp each)
8 casks of brandy (10 gp each)

Three bolts of cloth (50 gp each)
Five small casks (10 gp each)
Jolly boat 100 gp
Empty bag of holding
Flat, gray-and-black river stone inscribed with an unknown arcane symbol
Six rib bones dipped in gold, worth 5 gp each
Book – Ye Secret of Ye Philosopher’s Stone – 50 gp
Human skull (20 gp)
Apple (5 gp)
Rose (5 gp)
Set of five small discs (balance weights – 5 gp each)
47 gp in coins
Chemical apparatus worth 20 gp

200 gp mission reward
200 gp returned goods reward

10 electrum ingots worth 100 ep each

50 gp
Spell scroll – Gust of Wind
2 potions of healing
Dose of antitoxin
10 electrum ingots worth 100 ep each
400 gp – mission complete reward
500 gp for the merchandise on the ship

Acquisitions Inc. Campaign

210 gold pieces
Potion of healing
Toe bones

silver earrings – 40 gp

platinum ring – 20 gp
silver key – 25 gp

4 silver necklaces worth total 40 gp
potion of healing
spell scroll of bless

Vial of acid
Flask of alchemist’s fire
Vial of antitoxin
Flask of holy water
Potion of healing
47 gold pieces
Red garnet worth 50 gp
+1 longsword

Spell Scroll Fog Cloud
2 Potions of Healing
200 gold pieces (contract completion)