Loot (Divide by 5)

Saltmarsh Campaign

July 2020
700 gp
Potion of superior healing

200 gp
Studded leather armor
2 light crossbows with twenty bolts each
5 50-foot coils of rope
2 grappling hooks
12 torches
2 healer’s kits
6 vials of antitoxin
2 potions of healing
2 sacks

August 2020
Small sack containing ten red rubies (100 gp each)
Spell scroll gust of wind
Spell scroll protection from poison
Potion of heroism
Potion of water breathing
Cloak of protection
507 gp
199 sp

Fine silver bracelet (250 gp)

10,000 gp

September 2020
Pouch containing 25 gp
Dagger with a laminated whalebone handle and scabbard, worth 50 gp
5 spears
Quiver of twenty arrows
2 shortswords
3 daggers
2 shields
1 suit of chain mail armor sized for a Medium creature
2 candlesticks are gold and worth 10 gp each
Pure silver statue, badly damaged in the fire, worth 20 gp
4 potions of healing
Golden medallion
boots of striding and springing
spell scroll of silent image
spell scroll of phantasmal force
Leather pouch containing 75 gp
Pair of ruby earrings worth 150 gp
spell scroll of command
spell scroll of hold person
Gilded tome of dark ritual incantations written in Aquan & Infernal (25 gp)
Large silver holy symbol (50 gp)
2 vials of rare ink worth 25 gp each. The ink smells faintly of copper.
spell scroll of light
spell scroll of bless