Salvage Operation Conclusion

Deciding to skip the last room of the lower deck, the group makes its way down to the cargo hold to search for Aubreck’s box among the debris.

It’s shortly discovered and freed from the outer container, but then the ship lurches as it’s attacked by an elder octopus, having been attracted by the sounds of battle. The ship lurches and tilts violently as tentacles burst through and around the adventurers. The weight of the monster causes the ship to list 30 degrees to the port; the group must use dexterity to avoid the attacks and keep their footing or be bludgeoned.

A couple of people make it to the top deck to signal the rowboat to come and get them. However, the maw demons in that final room have freed themselves and come out to attack the crew as they also try to flee.

As the ship continues to sink, Gaarz and Afton make it to the top deck with the box and help in killing off the demons.

The rowboat continues its approach and Bard, wearing the ring of water walking, gets out onto the water with the box and makes his way towards the boat. As the octopus appears to be focused on destroying the ship, the other decide to jump and swim for the boat. The timing as perfect as the ship rolls completely over and begins sinking.

Everyone is collected into the boats and they are able to return to Saltmarsh without further conflict. Aubreck is overjoyed by their success and awards them the 10,000 gold pieces. As promised.

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