Acquisitions Inc. Campaign

The Fissure Part 3

The passage expands into a natural cavern whose ceiling is obscured by thick, dusty webs. Five web cocoons hang down from the larger mass, their bottoms dangling ten feet above the cavern floor. Two cocoons — one larger and one smaller — have a suspiciously humanoid shape.

The group carefully make their way in towards the webbed cocoons. Gaarz tries to cut one of the humanoid shapes down, critically fails and it drops directly on him causing some bludgeoning damage and alerting the nearby large spider hiding in the floor.

The spider springs out to attack and after a short battle is slain by the group. Searching the spider and remaining cocoons:

They find the corpses of three giant rats, Constable Boot, and a kobold explorer. The kobold has a vial of acid, a flask of alchemist’s fire, and a vial of antitoxin. The deceased Boot has a flask of holy water and a potion of healing.

Continuing on: The passage widens into a natural cavern dotted with stalactites and stalagmites. It continues on to the northeast, but the uneven walls make it hard to see into that section — even as heap of bones and gear is plainly visible.

A good perception check draws attention to someone hiding among the stalagmites. Calling out to the creature:

The goblin emerges from behind a stalagmite and brandishes a gnarled piece of bleached wood. “I am a powerful wizard. My wand annihilates all those who make me uptight. Go away. Leave Gorkoh alone, and there’s no annihilate. Gorkoh is merciful.” He thrusts his wand several times in your direction.

After calming him down he tells his story to the group: He tells of how he and Caerhan came to these caverns in search of a lost shrine, and how Caerhan’s goal was to destroy some old magic relic. Regarding the relic, Gorkoh knows only that it’s “some broken clock thing,” and that it was responsible for killing the other members of Caerhan’s party. He tells of how the two became separated during a carrion crawler attack in the cavern just beyond this one. Caerhan must have escaped deeper into the tunnels, but Gorkoh wasn’t willing to risk facing the monster to follow.

The group succeeds in luring the carrion crawler through the weak part of the tunnel and dropping much of the ceiling on him. Nearly dead, they quickly finish him off.

The bones and gear to the northeast are the remains of a group of adventurers who fell victim to the carrion crawler months ago. A backpack and a belt pouch hold 47 gp and a large polished red garnet worth 50 gp. Sticking out of the pile of bones is a +1 longsword. The hilt of the sword is fashioned like a skeletal hand, and a skull-and-bones motif is prominent in the design of the weapon.

To be continued…

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