The Sea Ghost

After a short discussion of what to do with the remaining crew (and the crew overhearing portions of the conversation containing words like “kill them all”), the group decides to take them prisoner. However, as soon as they approach, the crew attacks. All but 1 remaining crew member are killed. The last one is tied up to the main mast. He tells the group that there are 3 lizardfolk onboard as well as a prisoner.

The lizardfolk are in area 7: A distinct odor about this room reminds you of a marsh or a swamp – not fetid, not oppressive, but certainly noticeable.
In the center of the area is a wood table, bolted to the deck. On the table sits a silver jug half full of a red liquid; with it are three pewter mugs. Around the table are set three upright wooden chairs, and an unlit hooded lantern hangs from the ceiling above.
In the gloom, you can see three hammocks – one at each end of the cabin slung between the bulkhead and one of the ship’s ribs, and the third hanging across the corner of the cabin from next to the aft door to the central bulkhead. Each hammock is occupied by a scaled figure.
A small chest or box of some sort lies under the most forward hammock. There appear to be weapons under each of the hammocks.

Having been asleep when the adventurers open the door, they mistake the group for the pirates, demanding in a combination of Draconic and broken Common to know when the weapons will be delivered to their kinfolk. Just kind of muttering “soon”, Bardo backs out of the room and closes the door.

In the private quarters of the pirate wizard, “Punketah”, they find a locked chest. The trap on the chest is successfully discovered and disarmed (would have sprayed the room with poisonous gas). The chest contains 50 gp, a spell scroll of “gust of wind”, and Punketah’s spellbook.

In the captain’s quarters a writing desk is discovered with bills and receipts for various items of marine supply, several letters from 3 different women in 3 different ports (each of whom believe they are “Mrs. Sigurd”), and a curious, semi-literate document:

Thieving open the desk drawers, the first drawer contains 2 potions of healing, a dose of antitoxin, and a key.

The second drawer contains 7 maps of various sea and coastal localities, prepared by professional cartographers. Beneath these is another map, crudely drawn:

A locked chest under the coach in his quarters springs its trap on attempting to be opened – a short scything blade from its bottom doing 2d6 damage to the person opening the chest. It contains 10 electrum ingots worth 100 ep each. This may be the payment for the weapons the lizardfolk were asking about.

In the crew quarters they find a pack of well-used greasy playing cards (containing 2 aces of spades), 2 sets of dice (one of them loaded), a book titled “Grog Hovels” describing taverns and inns along the coastline.

In the cargo hold: 50 bolts of silk (50 gp each), 40 casks of brandy (10 gp each), 40 casks of fine wine (7 gp each), 1 large crate of high-quality mining tools.

The first mate’s cabin holds “Cuppa the Parrot” who squawks “Pieces of 8” several times when they enter the room then quiets down. They hear muffled shouts from the other side of the wall and discover the prisoner’s cell:

Next to where the prisoner was found is the secret cache holding:

  • 10 morningstars
  • 10 longswords
  • 10 shields
  • 20 javelins
  • 1 shield emblazoned on the front with the design of a lizard with a forked tongue extended.

Finally, in the bilge area Bardo spots something twinkling in the rubbish and uses mage hand to pull out a single gold piece from the garbage.

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