Traveling to Saltmarsh

The first couple of days are pretty quiet on the road. A fairly scenic view as the group travels down the coastline.

Rounding the corner of a cliff the group hears a scream and sees a man and woman on a cart surrounded by bandits. 2 men are dead on the ground, presumably the guards they’d hired.

After a quick fight a very grateful merchant and his daughter ask the group to continue on with them to Saltmarsh. A quick search of the bandits reveal only 15 coppers between them all, nothing on the guards as they had drank their retainer before leaving town.

That night the group decides to stay in an old, ruined town to hopefully get some kind of cover for the evening.

During the fourth watch of the night, round about 3 AM, the party is attacked by 6 giant bats. Keeping the horse and merchants under cover the group is able to dispatch the bats and Gaarz collects bits for making more weapons/armor.

The rest of the trip to Saltmarsh over the course of 5 total days is uneventful.

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