Curse of Strahd

Wizard of Wines Reclaimed

As Karolinus struggles with unconsciousness, ravens appear overhead and start bombing the hoards with stones and dive-bombing the needle blights. Karolinus is stabilized and the battle is quickly turned with some of the hoard heading back inside the winery.

Moving into the winery building they find a druid with a flask messing with one of the wine vats. They make quick work of the blights and druid and reclaim the building for the Martikovs. The staff the druid held is a black and twisted thing. An arcana check proves it is the Gulthias Staff, an evil thing that feels weirdly spongy to the touch. Mal stays as far from it as she can.

The party splits up to finish clearing the rest of the building. In the cellar they discover a secret door:

It takes some effort to push open the secret door, and you are greeted by a blast of cold air. A dark tunnel stretches for fifteen feet, ending at an archway beyond which lies a shallow cave. Growing throughout this area, keeping the wine cellar cool, are patches of brown mold.

Thulrum approaches a wall with the mold holding a torch. He takes a large amount of cold damage from the mold as it flares in the presence of the heat from the torch. Deciding to just leave it be, they return to the main area, closing the door behind them. When asked about it later, Davian has no real knowledge of the door or the cave behind it. Just a story he’d heard as a child.

Upstairs some of the party discovers a key hidden in the bedpost of the bed in the master bedroom. The key unlocks a chest containing money, a locket with a pictures of Davian’s deceased wife, and some gemstones. They decide to leave it be and put everything back the way it was.

The party returns to the family and lets them know about the druid messing with the wine and tell them it’s safe for them to return. They are put up for the evening with plans to visit Yesterhill the next day to see if they can find the seed gems that were stolen by the druids.

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